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We operate a big data platform that processes massive amounts of data from all over the world in real time.

We can process and store large-scale global data. We also make use of statistical and time-series prediction techniques to automatically detect anomalies in real-time data. For this reason, we are able to efficiently and reliably operate real-time global services.

We have highly sophisticated analysis, prediction capabilities, and automation technology.

Our technology closely observes user behavior and automatically determines product and service behavior. In addition, it is possible to predict in advance the possibility of a user who is underutilized. We strive to differentiate our services from others and prevent user turnover.

Hyperconnect bases all of its services on data.

We are looking for ways to improve services through statistical-based experimental evaluation. By doing so, we aim to subsequently increase user satisfaction. We continuously evaluate the efficiency of various marketing activities and optimize them automatically.