Our Mission

Spread the Joy of Live Conversation and Content Worldwide

Grow Rapidly &
Expand Globally

Hyperconnect is a truly global platform, transcending borders, barriers and boundaries of all types.

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Technology Driven

Hyperconnect is enabled first and foremost by proprietary technology, built over 7 years of vigorous trial and error. Our products are supported by innovative technologies across WebRTC, AI, and AR.

(We have approximately 120 global patents along with about 280 global applications as of December, 2022)

Creating Enjoyment

At Hyperconnect, technology is our tool to replicate. We are fascinated by the exciting sense of curiosity you feel when you are introduced to different cultures; or the sense of belonging that can be felt when communicating freely with other people, regardless of age or gender. We strive to bring a new kind of enjoyment that you have never felt before.