Connecting the world with innovative technology

Hyperconnect creates technologies that break down communication barriers and help people connect with each other.


Hyperconnect developed the world's first mobile version of WebRTC. It goes beyond physical constraints such as borders, networks, and mobile devices so that we can connect and communicate with no restrictions

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Hyperconnect's AI technology helps you make faster and smarter connections Our research interests span computer vision, audio/voice, natural language processing, recommendations, mobile computing and smart data processing, as well as ML personal information protection. We make constant efforts to ensure that our products stand the test of technical feasibility.

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Hyperconnect is the world's first user of real-time AR technology, which employed in Hyperconnect's products to maximize the enjoyment that connection and communication bring about

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Hyperconnect precisely analyzes and predicts user behavior in order to implement not only physical, but immersive connections based on interests

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