HyperRTC: Mobile WebRTC Platform

Hyperconnect has been developing video communication technology optimized for mobile environment. HyperRTC is the essential product of our years of expertise. It is an integrated platform based on the open-source web standards video technology webRTC, augmented with our own original innovations, comprising Android / iOS client SDKs and cloud server infrastructure.

Rock-solid stability providing video communication service to more than 100 million users worldwide

Azar boasts more than 100 million users in over 230 countries. Our strategically distributed cloud infrastructure reliably handles more than 70 million WebRTC video calls per day.

P2P group video call technology obviating the need for servers

Our proprietary group video call technology resolves performance and network bandwidth issues that typically accompany P2P environments. Using the technology, up to eight mobile devices can participate in a group video call session without the intervention of a server.

WebRTC-based real-time interactive broadcasting platform

Based on our years of expertise in real-time video communication technology, we have developed a broadcasting platform that blurs the boundaries between hosts and audience. With this technology, anyone with a smartphone can host a high-quality, low-latency, real-time broadcasting session, or watch one as a viewer.

Other Techs

Machine Learning

Deep learning-based real-time big data processing and image processing technologies provide a new experience on mobile applications.

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Mobile AR Graphics

A collaborative tool and a variety of graphics technologies based on portrait are integrated for enabling to develop new effect.

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