HyperGraphics: Mobile AR graphics platform powered by computer vision technology

HyperGraphics is a mobile AR graphics platform that was built based on the image processing and graphics rendering technology of Hyperconnect. With the SDKs and tools provided by the platform, even engineers and designers with little experience, can easily design AR graphic effects and integrate those into their products. HyperGraphics supports both Android and iOS platforms.

* HyperGraphics is currently being used in Hyperconnect products, including Azar, and have plans to provide it as a SDK in the near future.

Mobile optimized AR graphics

Integrated computer vision and graphic rendering technology allow us to overlay AR graphic effects onto real-time video. By using this technology, we can achieve various effects like putting 3D masks on people’s faces or replacing the background with an entirely different 3D space.

Intuitive graphic effects development process

HyperGraphics SDK comes with tools for designers. New graphic effects can easily be created using a tool with an intuitive UI, facilitating efficient collaboration between designers and engineers.

Other Techs

Real-Time Communication

WebRTC technologies, optimized for the mobile environment, implements peer-to-peer and multi-party connections as well as broadcast services.

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Machine Learning

Deep learning-based, real-time big data and image processing technologies provide a new experience on mobile applications.

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