Creating global products with innovative technologies.

HyperX is an organization that constantly goes through constructed failures. HyperX commercializes Hyperconnect’s technical assets and constantly tests technology-based ideas. Every project is aimed at reaching the global market and believe that failure is necessary for future success.

Hyper X

Hyper-X is a studio for discovering new products developed by Hyperconnect. Hyperconnect’s first product, Azar, was a project that incorporated the use of WebRTC, a groundbreaking technology, to target the global market.

We believe that the combination of these two factors is what led to the success of Hyperconnect, and decided to create a quick and repeatable process to successfully develop new products. HyperX is primarily comprised of engineers and is backed by a strong support system (design, marketing, service operation teams) in order to take full advantage of HyperConnect’s technology assets and knowledge of operating global services.

In addition, the CEO, a serial entrepreneur, will directly assist with quick decision making and will actively provide support HyperX by strategically acquiring external teams or third party companies when needed.