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Introducing our game-changing products

Over 500 million downloads globally and over 100 billion cumulative matches globally (as of Feb of 2021)
5th place in 2019 for all non-game app revenues in Europe in 2020 (Google)
5th place in global non-game app revenue in December of 2019 (Google)

Azar, a social discovery service where you are only one swipe away from people from all over the world

With ‘Azar’ you can easily break down the walls of nationality, culture, language, and gender with the swipe of a screen. You can meet, and video chat with, people of similar interests.

Over 20 million downloads globally (as of Dec of 2020)
2nd place in Korea non-game app revenue in Dec of 2020 (Google/Apple)
Selected as one of Google Play's ‘Best Apps of 2019’

Hakuna Live is an interactive live streaming service, enabling anyone to freely participate in a live broadcast

'Hakuna Live' and it's 'Multi Guest Mode' function allows up to 4 people to simultaneously broadcast together. Our video function provides excellent communicative possibilities, with viewers able to join hosts in live discussion.

This service can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. This provides users with the opportunity to express themselves and have fun, all while enjoying the benefits of live interaction with other users.

Get your stakeholders tuned-in remotely by the next-gen video call and live streaming solution for businesses. Anytime, Anywhere

Hyperconnect Enterprise leads your business into a new digital reality. Join the wave of vivid live streaming technology, made simple.

Bring your project and live storytelling to virtual places, and innovate your business at speed, scale, and ease. Join us for our global launch.

Hyper-X is a unit that mobilizes Hyperconnect's most valuable technology assets, continuously running and analyzing lab-controlled failures to create optimized inputs for future projects

Hyper-X is a lab dedicated to creating new products at Hyperconnect.

It has a strong team consisting of engineers, product managers and designers along with other supporting staff (business, marketing, and operations).

Hyper-X utilizes Hyperconnect's proprietary technology assets and product know-how to constantly test, re-test and eventually commercialize our most forward thinking ideas.