Dream of a Hyper-Connected Society

Hyperconnect’s mission is to expand every individual’s ability to connect with others without the constraints of time, language, and distance. We are breaking the limitations set by relationships with aquaintences and different regions, to create relationships of all kinds, in hopes to build a hyper-connected world.


Hyperconnect is a technology based company that was founded in 2014 by 3 engineers. The founders were focused on WebRTC, a real-time video communication technology that was cutting edge at the time. After trial and error, Hyperconnect was, the first in the world, to develop a WebRTC that could be used on mobile platforms.

Based on this technology, Hyperconnect developed “Azar” which embodies the concept of Social Discovery, where you can meet people from all over the world. Soon after its launch, Azar was able to record over 100 million downloads world-wide and made the Top 9 (in top grossing apps) on the Google Play Store (in the non-gaming category).

Even as a Korean venture, Hyperconnect was more than 90 percent of sales in the global market. Most of our revenue has been generated overseas and has been continuously growing rapidly. We believe it is our advantage to incorporate the most innovative technologies as we continue to develop more products that aim for the global market.

Technology Driven Company

Hyperconnect is a technology-driven company that, not only focuses on developing its own technology but also incorporates the newest and most innovative technologies in creating new products. Starting with Azar, the first service to use WebRTC on mobile platforms, Hyperconnect is applying new technologies based on machine learning with image and video processing.

Based on the experience of operating global mobile services, Hyperconnect is making advances to commercialize cutting-edge technologies to apply them to commercial products for everyday use.

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